Show Them the Money

Stacey Pompei, Esq., will address agents as she leads today’s Industry Update workshop on contracts. The lone panelist, she emphatically states that she will talk to channel partners about money, and what to expect, demand and avoid, because income is of top concern to most people, and to channel partners in particular. "I am going to focus on how contracts allow for the payment of commissions to agents: regular commission payments during the life of the agreement and Evergreen provisions after the agreement has terminated," she says.

She also plans to focus on what agents need to know about what to do to receive commission. "Is there an Evergreen provision, and is it a true Evergreen?" she explains. "In this area, I am going to specifically discuss the areas in a contract where the agent[s] might breach the contract[s] and then lose out on their commission payments and Evergreen payments — if it is in the contract."

Pompei knows the lay of the land as a corporate transactional attorney who specializes in telecommunication and finance. For the first seven years of her career, she worked in the litigation department of a large international leasing and financing company. "Working in litigation meant that I was working on contracts in dispute, which experience now provides me with an advantage in drafting, review and negotiating contracts, as I am painfully aware of how contracts can be misinterpreted or how someone can easily breach a contract without such an intention," she says.

During the last six years, Pompei has concentrated on what she calls the transactional side of business, reviewing, structuring, negotiating and drafting deals. Prior to starting her own practice, she worked for two different companies and spent most of her time working on broker and other marketing and sales agreements, all dealing with commissions payments or finders fees. Pompei has been in practice for herself for the past 2.5 years and primarily represents clients in the telecom industry.

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