Distributors Find a Home with Easton Telecom

Easton Telecom Services LLC (Booth 425) is expanding its product mix to allow distributors greater flexibility when selling accounts with multiple locations and diverse product needs.

This quarter, Easton will partner with a second DSL provider and additional local service providers. By diversifying the product line, Easton will be able to offer more competitive rates and higher commissions to a wider range of distributors throughout the country. The result will be more product choices with a variety of commission packages.

James Butler, Easton’s director of sales and marketing, says his goal this year is to reach out to the distributors for feedback on the Easton distributor program. "We are interested in finding out what we are doing right, most importantly," says Butler. "We are looking for ways to improve the distributor program. There is no better opinion than that of the people we have on the streets. I am personally contacting each distributor for feedback on ways to improve our program in the coming weeks."

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