DCA Services Rolls Out New, IXC-Focused Services

DCA Services Inc. (Booth 117) now offers DCA Carrier Strategies, a suite of services to help interexchange carriers add value to their reseller products, protect outstanding reseller revenue and retain resellers on their network.

"Carriers are often faced with resellers that have financial, operational or credit challenges," says Bill Bricking, president of DCA Services. "We’ve designed DCA Carrier Strategies to help carriers retain these resellers while avoiding the financial risk associated with keeping them."

DCA Carrier Strategies includes three segments: free billing, revenue guarantee and reseller rescue.

Free Billing allows carriers to bundle DCA’s billing services offer with their reseller per-CDR pricing, basically giving their reseller customers free billing when they sign an agreement. "With free billing, the carrier can offer its reseller customers a value-added, ‘in-the-box’ product that combines carrier services with billing services. We feel this product will ultimately help carriers increase sales by removing one more management headache, billing, from the reseller," Bricking says.

Revenue Guarantee is an accounts receivable contract between the IXC and DCA Services whereby the interexchange carrier recommends that distressed or credit-challenged resellers use DCA to provide billing and back-office support or face being cut off. With Revenue Guarantee, the carrier and DCA establish a shared lockbox to collect payments from the reseller’s subscribers. The carrier and DCA receive proceeds from the lockbox before the reseller collects, assuring the reseller meets carrier obligations. "Revenue Guarantee allows carriers to take control of reseller finances, thereby mitigating risky reseller situations," he says. "Carriers can identify resellers who currently have bad debt or are on their watch list of slow paying customers, and DCA can help make the reseller whole and protect carrier revenue at the same time."

Reseller Rescue helps restore financial and operational stability to near-bankrupt resellers. With Reseller Rescue, DCA works with the carrier to establish a management service agreement in which DCA takes control of a reseller’s entire back-office operations: billing, customer service, accounts receivable, collections, provisioning, and print and mail. Because DCA controls accounts receivables and the lockbox, carriers are assured of being paid for their services. "If a reseller goes bankrupt, carriers not only lose money but also lose traffic on their network. Reseller Rescue assures that carriers retain the profit reseller income provides while maximizing bandwidth on their network," Bricking says.

"DCA Carrier Strategies takes into account the unique needs of the IXC while delivering robust and reliable billing and back-office services to the reseller," he adds. "With this service, everyone wins."

DCA currently offers its clients an all-inclusive price of $3 per bill with a $25,000 monthly minimum. Resellers under Revenue Guarantee and Reseller Rescue will also be charged a small management fee for DCA to manage their billing and back-office operations as well as an additional fee if they want back-office, call center or provisioning services. Clients may receive discounts with larger monthly minimum commitments.

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