BridgeCom Retools Partner Site with Interactive Information

BridgeCom International(Booth 633), an ICP serving businesses in New York, New Jersey and Massachusetts, is launching a revamped partner Web site ( with new features, content and a fresh look.

Designed with input from existing BridgeCom Alliance Partners, the new portal is intended to provide more information in a more interactive format in an effort to increase the alignment between BridgeCom’s Alliance Partner Managers, Alliance Partners and customers.

The company expects customers to be the ultimate beneficiaries of the new design, which should facilitate improved service levels and turnaround times.

New features and their associated benefits include:

@bullet:Activity-based status prompts with proactive alerts to raise partner awareness of customer orders and trouble tickets and enhance coordination efforts.

@bullet:Greater ability to search for and drill-down into customer information for quicker access and heightened account visibility.

@bullet:Writable and downloadable sales forms to shorten and simplify the sales process.

@bullet:Increased access to BridgeCom’s full spectrum of products and pricing information to assist in meeting customer-specific needs, including voice, data, hardware, and cabling and wiring services.

@bullet:Special pricing requests can be submitted online to expedite the sales process as appropriate.

@bullet:Downloadable marketing support and training materials help support the sales process.

@bullet:On-demand activity reports enable partners to monitor and manage their customers with easier access to real-time information.

@bullet:Exportable commission files allow partners to view, manipulate, distribute and store critical information as well as expedite information transfer from master to subagent.

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