A+ Promotes Flat Rate Virtual Office

A+ Conferencing (Booth 305) is promoting a resale program for its TeleCenter toll-free, flat-rate virtual office service. With TeleCenter, subscribers can stay in touch with their prospects, customers and distributors without worrying about per-minute fees or excess charges for inbound calls, A+ says.

According to A+, TeleCenter enables subscribers to present themselves as well-established businesses by having a dedicated toll-free number and automated voice mail system that answers every call professionally and consistently.

Each TeleCenter reseller receives a Web site that can be privately branded under its name and logo. Once registered, the reseller’s prospects will be able to sign up for TeleCenter and activate their accounts immediately through an online interface. The buy rate is $24.95 per month, and resellers set their own retail rates.

TeleCenter subscribers can access, preview, save or delete messages online or via phone in real time. Microsoft Outlook integration also is available. TeleCenter automatically recognizes fax tones and stores faxes until the subscriber is ready to view them. Faxes can be forwarded to any fax machine or can be viewed or printed while online. Message Notification can be set up via telephone or pager to tell users when they receive new voice mail messages or faxes.

Every caller’s telephone number is captured and available when subscribers access their messages; even blocked or unlisted numbers are recorded. The Phone Match feature can help subscribers convert hang-ups into prospects by providing names and addresses of callers listed in the white pages.

While listening to messages, subscribers can choose to automatically call back the person who left the message. They also can make outbound calls using the Dial-A-Call feature, which works like a calling card, allowing subscribers to make outgoing calls from any phone with charges applied to the user’s account, not the phone.

Connect Live is TeleCenter’s follow-me service. It announces the name of the caller and lets the subscriber choose to accept the call or transfer the caller to voice mail. Subscribers can configure the times of day they want to be available.

Four different types of extension mailboxes can be programmed to provide more details about the subscriber’s business. Fax-On-Demand, Message Taking, Greeting Only and Question-&-Answer extension mailboxes can be used with a primary main greeting to provide a complete presentation system. Extension mailboxes can be used to host training information, testimonials, information in multiple languages, automatic ordering, audio overviews, surveys and more. Fax-On-Demand extensions give callers access to order forms, product or company details, directories, written testimonials or other information.

TeleCenter also offers the ability to track promotional efforts with Ad Tracker. When activated, Ad Tracker prompts callers to provide the AdCode that was noted in an ad or promotional piece. When the subscriber checks the message, TeleCenter lists the code the caller entered.

A rotating voice mail number is available for co-operative ads, distributing calls to several different voicemail boxes to allow teams or groups within an organization to split the advertising costs while sharing the leads generated from the promotion.

Voice Broadcasts functionality enables subscribers to send messages to multiple parties with the press of a button. Filters enable targeted messages to a subset of an organization, such as distributors of a certain rank, distributors who live in a certain area, and so on.

TeleCenter also offers call blocking. Subscribers can create, modify or delete specific numbers from a call block list; restrict calls from entire area codes by adding or removing them from an area block list; or configure and activate AutoBlock for all inbound calls. AutoBlock also lets users determine the maximum number of calls per day they can receive from any given number to prevent repeat callers from abusing the system. Used with the Caller ID feature, Call Block allows users to effectively monitor and manage their toll-free number.

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