3PV Achieves 98.3% Average Completion Rate

3PV — Third Party Verification (Booth 506) recently announced it has delivered completion rates averaging 98.3 percent for the last 12months to all customers deploying its Martina speech- enabled verification technology in combination with 3PV’s agent-assisted verification solutions.

“3PV has delivered outstanding verification results for our company since 2002; our average completion rate consistently exceeds 98 percent,” says Joe Brandes, COO of USTel. “Reducing the number of incomplete verifications has dramatically lowered the overall verification cost and we are extremely satisfied with the service and support we get from 3PV every day.”

David Brinkman, 3PV’s COO, says consistent, proven completion rates translate into value to 3PV’s customers. “The more calls completed successfully, the more revenue our customers can generate,” he says.

While many verification providers focus on top line cost per call, Brinkman says the real story is the bottom line. “We advise our customers to consider completion rates when evaluating the success of their verification solution,” he says. “Our customers can expect easy implementation, improved customer satisfaction because of successful verifications, billing only for completed transactions and lower costs because there is no rework for lost calls.”

3PV’s Martina speech-enabled verification platform uses intuitive scripting to meet all FCC and 50 state requirements. Martina verification services are available in two versions: Martina FastTrak TPV, a rapid deployment solution ideal for companies that do not require custom scripting and the Martina TPV solution, able to meet the most complex contact center requirements. Both Martina TPV services include, at no additional charge, live agent reviews, billing only for completed transactions, real-time reporting, archiving and on-demand access for two years or more.

“When we founded 3PV in 1999, we knew that our speech-enabled technology had the potential to revolutionize the verification business,” Brinkman says. “As with any new technology, it has taken a lot of time and effort on our part to deliver on the potential. The fact that typical customers have realized these near-perfect results month after month after month is proof the promise is real.”

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