Workshop Shows Alliance Members How to Boost Finances, Retain Workers

CompTel/ASCENT Alliance members today will learn more about the services the Alliance announced last year in partnership with Morgan Stanley. The Investment Management & Employee Benefit Services workshop will teach companies how they can use Morgan Stanley’s expertise to improve their financial positions, and attract and keep employees.

Alliance officials say the arrangement with Morgan Stanley makes services available to members that they otherwise might not be able to afford or access.

In a Fall 2003 press release announcing the partnership, H. Russell Frisby Jr., CEO of the CompTel/ASCENT alliance, said his organization "understands how complicated and expensive it is for companies to procure the financial and business services necessary to operate effectively in today’s competitive environment."

CompTel/ASCENT and Morgan Stanley are presenting the workshop as a way to help Alliance members remain competitive, Frisby said.

The discounted services include investment consulting, cash management, executive investment advisory services, retirement plan services, deferred compensation plans, and group life, disability and health insurance design and purchasing services.

Frisby recently noted that the alliance’s relationship with Morgan Stanley "further strengthens the portfolio of Alliance services on which our members can rely to build their business and prepare for long-term success."

Anthony S. Waskiewicz Jr., vice president of Morgan Stanley, concurs. "More and more competitive service provider executives are focusing on the internal structure of their firm," he points out. "Cutting costs, managing assets, motivating employees, and attracting and retaining top talent are mandates that many executives have cited to us as important objectives to increase profitability and competitiveness in 2004. Our role with the Alliance is to help companies find and implement solutions that effectively address these unique internal business challenges."

Waskiewicz says today’s workshop — and others being planned throughout the year — is designed to help CompTel/ASCENT Alliance members uncover business practices that can help them strengthen their firms.

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