VBOS Unleashes New Wireless Module

Virtual Back Office Software Inc. (VBOS) today released the VBOSS Wireless Module for its Web-based back-office solution, VBOSS software.

The VBOSS Wireless Module, which is being demonstrated at Booth 320, features Web-based ordering, provisioning, call rating, billing and collections. It allows telecom companies to construct packages, with group-specified sets of features and minutes as part of a package price, and then charge for items and minutes that fall outside of those specified sets. VBOSS now also allows wireless providers to automate many manual functions, such as sending proposals or quotations, provisioning and activation of qualified orders, downloading and rating of call detail records, payment application to the proper accounts, and generation and off-loading of bill printing and letter mailing.

The wireless module also allows telecom companies to customize the VBOSS system. A flow-maintenance system allows qualified users to tell the VBOSS system which steps are necessary for a certain process to follow, the order of those steps and the conditions for the next action. A prominent tool is event templates, which come in two flavors. The software can permit the creation of templates that take an action based on an event, such as receiving a payment. The second type of template permits the creation of actions based on date or time, so a user can specify automatic service shutoff if a payment has not been received in a specified number of days.

The wireless module works independently or in conjunction with the other VBOSS modules, which handle long distance, local (including e-bonding to all RBOCs, plus GTE) VoIP and prepaid modules.

VBOSS includes Web portals for sales agents, customers, management and CSRs of carriers, resellers, CLECs and ICPs. Available on a hosted basis, it starts at $3,000 per month.

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