USCarrier Telecom Introduces E-Max 1000

USCarrier Telecom LLC, a member of DDR Broadband Networks (Booth 721), introduces its new long-haul wholesale Ethernet service, E-Max 1000. This service will allow USCarrier’s customers to build Ethernet networks connecting multiple cities at speeds ranging from 1MB to 1,000MB in small bandwidth increments, says the company.

USCarrier says its Ethernet service will allow these businesses to have a high performance dedicated transport service for packet applications such as Internet service, VoIP, video, multimedia and data transport.

E-Max 1000 operates over the current SONET/DWDM infrastructure and consequently meets the same high availability standards inherent with SONET. USCarrier is using Fujitsu Networks Communications equipment as the core transport technology for E-Max 1000.

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