TNS Deliver Revenue Assurance

A new revenue assurance solution from Transaction Network Services’ Telecommunication Services Division (Booth 124) allows service providers to use SS7 network intelligence to prevent revenue leaks by monitoring and enforcing terms of interconnect agreements.

The company says revenue leaks happen because switches are designed to process and terminate calls without regard to interconnect agreements. Intercarrier compensation also is based on settlements for services that have been rendered. Carriers detect revenue leaks and attempt to resolve them through costly and time-consuming interconnect negotiations and dispute processes. However, in cases where partner carriers are able to use network resources without having to pay, they are not motivated to re-provision networks or enter into further discussions that will result in increased costs, the company explains.

The TNS solution is designed to resolve the problem of revenue leaks on incoming calls through a real-time monitoring tool developed to help service providers enforce terms of interconnect agreements. TNS uses information available within SS7 call set-up messages to log call data and/or determine call treatment in real time. In the most extreme case, the solution can send unbillable incoming calls to customer-defined alternative treatments.

"In the quest to improve the bottom line and sustain profitability, carriers continue to look for new, proactive revenue assurance tools," says Barry Toser, senior vice president and general manager, TNS Telecommunication Services Division. "Based on conversations with current and prospective customers, we realized that the inability to recover revenue for certain calls terminated on behalf of other carriers is a common problem."

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