Hostopia Opens New Facilities in NAP of the Americas

Hostopia (Booth 526), a provider of outsourced private-label e-mail and Web hosting for small businesses, has expanded its network operations, to Terremark’s NAP of the Americas in Miami.

"Hostopia’s rapid growth rate of small business Web sites and e-mail services requires us to constantly scale ahead of the demand curve for transit. Our network expansion into the NAP gives us settlement-free peering capabilities to the same switching fabric used by the world’s leading Tier 1 carriers," says Bill Campbell, Hostopia’s CEO and CTO.

Hostopia’s network operations began the move into the NAP of the Americas in October, completing equipment installation, connectivity and going live in November.

Bill Robbins, Hostopia vice president of network operations elaborates on the project; "The NAP of the Americas gives Hostopia physical presence in the world’s fifth Tier 1 NAP and the security, reliability and scalability that we need. It plays a fundamental role in our geographic dispersion strategy, which vastly improves upon traditional payload backhauling and brings content closer to the end user.

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