DCA Services Provides Daily Rating

DCA Services (Booth 527) now can provide clients with daily rating and real-time processing through BillPool, DCA’s new suite of rating and taxing programs.

Each day BillPool automatically picks up call detail records from a carrier, stores them in DCA’s SQL database and then validates, costs and taxes the records. BillPool provides clients with a daily calls-in and calls-out report, a fraud report, rejected bad calls report, revenue by day report, suspended bad calls report, a trash bad calls report, unbilled revenue report and a 10-day rolling revenue report.

"Using BillPool’s robust reporting, our clients immediately can analyze data contained in DCA’s database, helping them detect fraud, reconcile records and analyze their profit margin," says Bill Bricking, president of DCA Services. "Since the system operates 24×7, clients get up-to-the-minute information about the status of their call records so they can better forecast daily, weekly, and monthly accounts receivable as well as troubleshoot rejects."

BillPool rates calls according to the customer’s current rate plan. Once a client implements a new rate plan for a customer, BillPool rates calls at the new rate, allowing accuracy on the final bill. In addition, BillPool taxes records at the call level so database administrators can store them in DCA’s customer care module.

DCA has four clients using BillPool, which is built on a Linux platform with a Microsoft SQL database.

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