Concretio Releases CRM Dashboard

Concretio Inc. (Booth 308) announces the general release of the CRM Dashboard module as part of its TRS suite of products. The CRM Dashboard is a browser-based, customizable user interface to enable Web-based order entry, order status reporting and customer management.

The CRM Dashboard allows customer service representatives to capture minimal information, such as the customer name or Social Security number, to secure account review authorization. Based on the resulting information, the CRM Dashboard launches CSR requests and establishes service configuration parameters for unserviceable products. The CRM Dashboard then scrubs the customer account to map existing services to an optimum feature package and presents the pricing summary of results. A customer order-acceptance button then creates the provisioning order in the TRS. There is a customizable view of tools and menu items for a representatives access, including customer management, product information, order status, billing summaries, company bulletins, industry news, lost customer reports, help desk and FAQs.

"The CRM Dashboard complements the TRS by giving our CLEC customers an extremely easy method to procure customer services and products from the ILEC from one single web page," says Jay Chopde, Concretio’s CTO. "The .NET platform on which we built our Complete Suite provided us a perfect methodology to handle the design of a CRM module that was flexible for our users, but stable enough for the large volume of orders that are being generated by our clients.

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