Callipso Offers VoIP Internationally

Callipso (Booth 215), formerly CNM Network, reports a 30 percent increase in monthly revenue in the first month after launching its nationwide toll-free service. The launch new EOS Plus! marks the company’s most successful product launch in its seven-year history, selling nearly 2 billion annualized minutes since mid-December. At the same time, Callipso is seeing international growth through its carrier partnerships, adding new customers serving Mexico, Canada and China, while expanding its VoIP offerings.

"We’re answering the call from our customers, bringing to market enhanced IP-enabled services that truly provide increased capabilities, greater flexibility and reduced costs," says Deb Lenart, Callipsos president and CEO. "With 100 percent domestic coverage and expansion to key international markets, we’re meeting vastly increased demand while providing additional services and helping our customers save money."

Through a strategic business partnership, Callipso’s new enhanced origination services (EOS) offering — EOS Plus! — provides carriers and prepaid card providers toll-free origination, routing and transport capabilities anywhere in the United States. Built-in load balancing, flexible routing options and real-time supervision of traffic, along with the ability to terminate multiple toll-free numbers on a single trunk group, help carriers reduce their costs while maximizing resources.

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