Broadwing Debuts CarrierConnect

Broadwing Communications (Booth 331), a fully consolidated subsidiary of Corvis Corp., is rolling out CarrierConnect, which is an incremental bandwidth-buying model that enables carriers to purchase services at optical speed at essentially optical pricing as needed.. CarrierConnect is part of the MultiConnect product family, which is Broadwing’s protocol-agnostic, distance-insensitive private line solution allowing service to up to 28 remote locations for a flat monthly fee.

This facilities-based private line product offering is designed to enable carriers to have bandwidth on reserve that they can turn up at any time. There are three variants of the CarrierConnect line: CarrierConnect Virtual, CarrierConnect Physical and CarrierConnect Multipoint.

CarrierConnect Virtual is aptly named. There is no port or connection to Broadwing needed to use the service. So, if a service provider anticipates needing an OC48s worth of service during the next year, for example, it can purchase CarrierConnect Virtual, and turn up the 48 composite DS3s that make up an OC48 anywhere on Broadwings backbone over time. Broadwing explains the service provider would get the price it would pay if it had purchased an entire OC48 up front — a less costly solution.

CarrierConnect Physical takes the Virtual variant a step further. The service providers identify where they need the reserved bandwidth, buy the port or ports and interconnect with Broadwing.

Finally, CarrierConnect Multipoint is very similar to the Physical variant where it goes port-to-port across Broadwings backbone, except the customer may focus only on geographic region. In other words, they can buy a physical connection to Broadwings network in one place and then expand to multiple points through component circuits on an incremental basis.

One of our unique differentiators is our ability to deploy bandwidth for customers in real time, and with industry-leading service provisioning times, says Lisa Brown, vice president of marketing for Broadwing. And thats one of the advantages that we bring to the table here, with this product.

Broadwings director of data services, Jamey Heinze, explains Broadwings sensitivity to carriers demand to have control of their networks. Its a very important variable for carriers discussing how much oversight and visibility and control that they can have over any infrastructure that they dont physically own, says Heinze. So, were going to announce additionally some hooks that we can offer to the customer to give them additional visibility to these services. So, really, its again, the best of all worlds — the advantages of having their own physical network, but theyre buying it from Broadwing.

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