CompTIA Quick Start Guide to Crafting a Mobility Offering

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Speakers: Seth Robinson, Director Technology Analysis, CompTIA

Smartphones and tablets are accelerating businesses' move to mobility. With that comes not only an opportunity but also a requirement for channel partners to help customers deploy and manage increasingly complex mobile work environments. In this 45-60 minute session, we'll look at some of the steps for building a successful mobility strategy, including tips on bundling and marketing solutions. Attendees will receive a copy of the CompTIA Quick Start Guide to Crafting a Mobility Offering.


Seth RobinsonSeth Robinson, Director Technology Analysis, CompTIA

As the director of technology analysis, Seth focuses on the technology trends that are shaping the IT industry, as well as participating in research on macro trends and channel activity. The goal of CompTIA’s research is to produce intelligence that will help CompTIA members more accurately predict market behavior and align their business models and offerings. From a technology standpoint, Seth is particularly interested in how the three trends of cloud computing, mobile technologies, and social applications are working together to change IT in the future.

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