Learn the Secret to Becoming a High-Value Cloud Partner

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Speakers: Mike Dillon, Chief Technology Officer, Quest; Mark Mattson, Vice President, Technology,Top Speed Data Communications

For businesses, moving IT and communications to the cloud is not a question of "if" but "how"? As trusted advisors, channel partners must be prepared to answer that question and provide a plan. However, many IT VARs and telecom agents are as likely to shrug their shoulders as they are to deliver a comprehensive plan. That's understandable since the options for deploying cloud are many.

It's tempting for channel partners to ally with cloud providers that offer point solutions, such as email, data backup or VoIP, and sell them a “one-size-fits-all” service in response to a customer's request for a quote. But take note – more and more customers come away dissatisfied as their “real needs” are not being met as they are not always expert enough to assess or understand those needs on their own.

A professional analysis is needed and in most cases, and certainly for midmarket and enterprise customers, the recommendation will be a mix of public and private cloud services as well as integration with on-premises systems. Customization, not commoditization, will be the norm.

Make no mistake, the big IT spend is in customization and with it comes the shift away from transaction selling to long-term relationships with satisfied customers, recurring fees, sustained profitability and growth opportunities.

How can you move your cloud practice up the value chain? Find out in this Webinar sponsored by Channel Partners and Quest.

In this Webinar, channel partners will:
  • Review public and private cloud deployment options
  • Understand hybrid cloud environments
  • Compare commodity cloud and custom cloud offers
  • Learn the basics of cloud needs assessments
  • Hear best practices for custom cloud deployments
  • Study a real-world custom cloud deployment
  • Discover how to jumpstart your custom cloud practice through partnership


Mike DillonMike Dillon, Chief Technology Officer, Quest

Mike Dillon is the Chief Technology Officer for Quest and brings over twenty years of technical expertise, global strategic development and planning to his role. Dillon also serves as chief consultant and director for Professional, Cloud and Managed Services, overseeing a team of consultants, engineers, experts and project managers. Mike Dillon created and developed the Quest Application and Management Service Providers platforms that are ongoing today.

Prior to joining Quest, Dillon served MCI in progressively responsible roles. He concluded his employment with MCI as a Global Network Consultant, designing, developing, testing, and integrating Internet networks and MCI’s dedicated and virtual networks.

Mark MattsonMark Mattson, Vice President, Technology, Top Speed Data Communications

Mark Mattson, Vice President, Technology for Top Speed Data Communications joined the company in 2002 and works closely with vendors and Network Design Consultants to ensure that customers get the best telecommunications fit for their company’s specific requirements.

Established in 2002, Top Speed Data Communications is an independent telecom broker for data, voice, and wireless networks with over 400 years of collective telecommunications experience and numerous industry awards. Top Speed Data Communications’ consultants provide custom-tailored communication services thereby eliminating the arduous search for telecommunications solutions and serve as an advocate to carriers and service providers throughout the design, implementation and billing process. While its customer service reach extends nationally and internationally, the majority of the customer base is headquartered in the West. Top Speed Data Communications and Quest have had a mutually successful business relationship for several years.

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