WAN Connectivity: New Options, New Opportunities

There are many ways to provision the high-performance WAN options available today.

Issue Summary

For today’s digital, Internet-enabled, data-centric companies — that is, every business — wide-area network connectivity among locations, employees and business partners is every bit as critical as power and water. No network, no operations, no customers, no revenue. In the days of telecom monopolies, provisioning a WAN meant paying through the nose for whatever digital circuit the incumbent telco had available in your area. Today, business-class variants of consumer broadband and direct fiber services have created more WAN choices, although options are still constrained by carrier and infrastructure availability at any given physical location. Even so, there are many ways to provision today’s high-performance WANs. This Report will examine the options, outline the trade-offs and provide a framework to help solutions providers decide what to recommend in any situation.

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • More Competition Means Lower Prices, Greater Variety
  • Five Major Categories of WAN Service, Interest Shifts to Native IP
  • Security, Savings and Cloud
  • Conclusion

Takeaways for Your Business

  • Learn how competition has driven prices down and service availability up.
  • Review the five segments of the public Ethernet market — their strengths, weaknesses and best uses.
  • Examine the security considerations with carrier Ethernet and MPLS.