Partnering 2020 Strengths


Partnering 2020: Putting the Future of the Channel in Focus — SWOT Analysis Part 1: Strengths


Beyond their local presence, partners offer other strengths that vendors cannot match. For example, channel partners offer customers multivendor and multidisciplinary expertise that hardware and software companies typically lack. Another strength is their perspective. Instead of viewing the world from a particular vantage point the way vendors often do, partners take a more holistic view of customers' needs, including the different brands and technologies that they have invested in, their budget limitations and their long-term business goals. Thanks to these distinctions, partners have developed distinct skills for helping customers with their business and technological needs. This Report is the first in a four-part SWOT analysis in which strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats each are examined. It covers solutions providers' strengths going into the future.

Table of Contents

  • Overview
  • Resiliency Through the Years
  • Ideally Constructed, Advantageously Positioned
  • Built for Speed and Stamina

Takeaways for Your Business

  • The channel remains the most efficient means for moving goods and addressing customer challenges and opportunities.
  • Channel skills are getting better and customer satisfaction continues to be higher through partners than vendors.
  • Channel consolidation has created stronger, more capable entities than ever.