How to Transform Your Marketing Strategy


How to Transform Your Marketing Strategy


For channel partners to achieve greater levels of success, they must engage in marketing on a strategic level; commit time, money and resources to marketing programs; and measure results to adjust investments in programs that work and discontinue initiatives that fail to yield positive returns. Creating sustained and measurable marketing programs requires intent, planning, process, investments and management. The marketing life cycle is anything but episodic; it's continuous. And, when done effectively, will advance an organization toward its greater business goals. This Expert Series Report will review the state of marketing in the channel overall and then show you how to form effective marketing plans, vehicles for conveying marketing messages to internal and external constituencies, and how to best measure the results of your marketing efforts.

Editor's Take

"To effectively evolve your organization, you have to figure out how to keep the people in your organization 'in the game' as you shift. At times you'll need to add pressure and at others you'll need to offer extra support, so that they don't abandon ship, or simply find ways to keep doing what they did before, resisting all efforts toward change."

Takeaways for Your Business

  • Discover five steps that are the precursors to an effective marketing strategy.
  • Understand four critical steps in creating a marketing strategy.
  • Review eight primary tactics for communicating your marketing messages.