Tekcetera President John Pitts on Selling Telecom Services


Q&A: Tekcetera President John Pitts on Selling Telecom Services


Tekcetera Inc. is a managed IT service provider serving Southern California. The company's president John Pitts founded the company in 2002 with the goal of serving as an outsourced IT department for small and medium businesses (SMBs). The MSP has been selling telecommunications services from the get—go, but its early endeavors were purely opportunistic — to meet a customer need. But Pitts made sure the company was paid for its effort, signing agency agreements directly with three different competitive service providers serving the Southern California area. It wasn't until four years later that the company began to get serious about selling telecom services, leveraging the success of its newly formed IP telecom hardware business. Channel Partners spoke to Pitts about his experiences adding telecom carrier services. This Q&A is an edited transcript of that conversation.

Takeaways for Your Business

  • Discover how Tekcetera uses telecom to create "stickier" relationships with its clients.
  • Learn why Tekcetera finds value in working with a telecom master agency.
  • Get first-hand advice on how IT VARs can be successful selling telecom services.