Cable Guidebook


Cable Communications Agent's Guidebook 2014


Since the mid-1990s cable TV operators have been leveraging their vast networks to provide telecommunications services to consumers and businesses. They have become formidable competitors to the incumbent and competitive telephone companies, taking share particularly in the data services space, where their dedicated Internet services are attractive for their low price and diverse facilities. For these reasons and more, channel partners increasingly are interested in offering cableco services as an alternative to the telcos. Early on they were stymied by the lack of cohesive partner programs that would allow them to sell throughout a cableco's territory and to be paid for those sales. Now those concerns are largely in the past, with seven of the top cablecos offering national agent programs and another offering a referral program. The Channel Partners Cable Communications Agency Guidebook is designed to provide a one-stop reference for indirect sales partners that are considering selling cable communications services or want to brush up on the basics. It offers an overview of the market, the players, the programs and services as well as a sneak peek into the unique processes for quoting and ordering cable services.

Table of Contents

Cable Industry History
  • Timeline
  • Cable Communications History
Cable Companies
  • Players by Market Size
  • Networks
  • Territory Maps
Cable Business Services
  • Market Forecast/Share
  • Business Customer Satisfaction
  • Services Offered
Cable Channel Programs
  • History
  • Program Profiles
  • Cable Channel Partners
Cable Channel Processes
  • Quote to Cash
  • Compensation
  • Certification
Cable Channel Resources

Takeaways for Your Business

  • Discover why cable communications is projected to be a $15.7 billion market by 2018.
  • View geographic coverage maps for eight leading cable companies all in one place.
  • Find out the current status and leadership for cable partner programs, including a new one added this year.