CP:RPT:0814:Cloud Computing and the Channel A Reality Check 2014


Cloud Computing & the Channel: A Reality Check — 2014


Of all the opportunities for channel partners, cloud services seems to present the greatest promise and the greatest challenge. While partners are excited about the prospects for delivering telecom, IT and applications as a service, they also are tested by the transformation that it requires them to make. This report includes the results of Channel Partners' third annual survey of channel partners' perceptions, intentions and objections about cloud services as well as the progress — or lack thereof — they have made in capitalizing on this emerging opportunity.

Table of Contents


  • Respondent Profiles
  • Business Models
  • Annual Revenue
  • Cloud Services Sold
  • Cloud Services Revenue

Channel Perceptions of Cloud Opportunities

  • Market Demand
  • Channel Impact

Channel Perceptions of Cloud Challenges

  • Business Model
  • Expertise & Training
  • Customer Fears & Education
  • Operations
  • Security & Regulatory Requirements

Business Model Transformation

  • Changes Required
  • Delivery Options
  • Tactics for Change
  • Objections to Change

Channel Perceptions of Cloud Providers

  • Services
  • Training/Certification
  • Support
  • Compensation

Channel Experiences Selling Cloud Services