How to Plan for Business Transformation


How to Plan for Business Transformation

Report Summary

Today, change isn't periodic; it's constant. The technology market is undergoing huge changes; the most common are cloud computing, mobility and mobile technology, big data and data analytics. Perhaps the most disruptive force is the supplanting of the legacy technology sales model to services-based technology delivery. The force of these changes will drive some companies out of the market and out of business. However, many will transform their businesses —products, models, and even markets and customers —and adapt. This Expert Series Report discusses a framework for initiating and executing a business transformation process.

Editor's Take

"Every business will follow its own transformation path. What's important is that it exercise due diligence by taking these steps to ensure that transformation is considered, planned and executed properly."

Takeaways for Your Business

  • Review five things your company must do to begin its transformation.
  • Learn seven tips for developing and executing on a business transformation plan.
  • Discover four ways to ensure the success of your business transformation.