How MPLS Supports SIP Trunking


How MPLS VPNs Support SIP Trunking

Report Summary

MPLS-based connections offer several important advantages in carrying SIP traffic. This Expert Series Report will review these advantages, how MPLS compares with other communications service options and how MPLS matches up with centralized SIP trunking architectures.

Editor's Take:

Using MPLS to provide WAN connections can help customers maximize savings from SIP trunking while also maintaining the call quality customers require.

Takeaways for Your Business

  • Review the drivers for the growing demand in SIP trunking for VoIP, video and unified communications.
  • Understand distributed, centralized and hybrid SIP trunking deployment models.
  • Compare MPLS VPNs to dedicated lines, E-LAN, VPLS and Internet VPNs as SIP trunking connections.

About the Author

Joan Engebretson is a freelance writer who has been covering the telecommunications industry since 1992. She is a former editor for America's Network and Telephony magazines.