Ensuring Quality and Security of Cloud Connections


Ensuring Quality and Security of Cloud Connections

Issue Summary

Whatever cloud services your customer uses, sooner or later the existing Internet connection won't handle the load and/or the client will want differentiated services for key applications, rather than "best efforts" services typically used for browsing and non-critical apps. This Expert Series Report will discuss alternatives to Internet connections, as well as security and performance issues that should be considered, regardless of how your customers physically access external resources.

Editor's Take:

When your customer reaches the point where buying more bandwidth doesn’t sit well or the network requires a significant upgrade, it's time to look at prioritizing your client's applications.

Takeaways for Your Business

  • Understand how your clients' current WAN configurations influence their cloud connectivity choices.
  • Discover how different cloud apps may require different cloud connections.
  • Learn why all traffic - whether sent over the public Internet or a private network - should be encrypted.