Sip Trunking


SIP Trunking & Unified Communications: A Killer Combination

Report Summary

The growth of unified communications software has begun to emerge as a potent market driver for the adoption of SIP trunking to carry all of the varied types of information implied by UC. But, in a classic chicken-or-egg scenario, it also can be argued that the availability of SIP trunking is helping drive the adoption of UC. Either way, they represent a killer combination as explained in this Expert Series Report.

Editor's Take

The key to the synergy between SIP trunking and UC, the reason they work together so well, is that SIP trunking provides the signaling tools that can be used to establish the wide variety of rich-media connections required of UC.

Takeaways for Your Business

  • How SIP trunking can be a gateway from low-cost VoIP to UC
  • How SIP trunking sweetens the productivity benefits of UC
  • How Cisco and Microsoft value SIP trunking as part of their UC solutions