Sip Trunking


SIP Trunking: Challenges & Solutions

Report Summary

A business's decision to migrate to SIP trunking, as with any move to a new technology, carries with it a host of challenges creating a minefield for the unwary, and making the choice of a SIP trunking provider critical. This Expert Series Report takes a look at these challenges from hardware and network incompatibility to lack of support for legacy applications to price competition from legacy services.

Editor's Take

It's easy for businesses to get hung up on hurdles to implementing SIP trunking. That's where a knowledgeable channel partner can step in with guidance for how to navigate the obstacles in order to reap the benefits of increased efficiencies and support for unified communications and collaboration.

Takeaways for Your Business

  • How the move from IPv4 to IPv6 impacts SIP trunking interoperability.
  • How SIP trunking impacts support for fax and custom contact center applications.
  • Why session border controllers are recommended with SIP trunking.