Overcoming Cloud Profitability Obstacles

Report Summary

The challenge facing channel partners is how to make money on cloud products and services. Even when vendors offer moderate-to-good margins, the actual dollar amount flowing into partners’ coffers is small because of the fractional nature of recurring revenue. The standard vendor response to the cloud revenue challenge is requiring partners to do what they have always done: add value. In this CTTA Report, we will review the cloud challenges facing channel partners and provide actionable strategies for overcoming revenue and profitability obstacles.

Table of Contents

  • The Cloud Success Challenge
  • Cloud Channel Customers
  • Crafting Cloud Revenue Streams
  • Building a Cloud Portfolio
  • Cloud Sales Process
  • Cracking the Cloud Success Code

Takeaways for Your Business

  • Learn the two factors that will ensure increasing revenue and profitability for a cloud practice.
  • Understand why the best approach for building a cloud portfolio is selecting complementary services.
  • Discover why it's a mistake to think that cloud's revenue model is radically different.