Metro Ethernet services


When to Recommend Cable Ethernet Services

Report Summary

When an enterprise customer decides to use Metro Ethernet, a channel partner may have several different potential providers from which to choose, including incumbent and competitive communications service providers, as well as the local cable company. This Expert Series Report looks at the different Metro Ethernet services available today from cable companies and how they compare with alternative options. The goal is to answer a basic but important question: When should channel partners recommend Metro Ethernet services from a cable company?

Editor's Take

Ethernet is an in-demand WAN technology, offering a one-two punch of high bandwidth at a low cost. Cable operators can deliver yet another advantage with truly diverse networks many enterprises require. Channel partners need to understand why and when to recommend cable Ethernet to their customers.

Takeaways for Your Business

  • Compare cable and telco Ethernet networks
  • Identify sales questions to ask prospective customers
  • Understand when cable Ethernet may be the best option

About the Author

Joan Engebretson is a freelance writer who has been covering the telecommunications industry since 1992. She is a former editor for America's Network and Telephony magazines.