Cloud Security: Choosing the Right Methods, Suppliers

Cloud security approaches vary depending on whether an organization deploys a public, private or hybrid cloud. Learn about the differences among these platforms, to help customers make the choices that best suit their needs. Then, become versed in the questions to ask providers about their cloud security assurances, so you're certain to connect clients with the right suppliers.

  • Learn the differences among private, hybrid and public clouds, and why that's key for security.
  • Find out how each cloud model handles security in its own unique way.
  • Pinpoint specific cloud security questions to ask vendors.

About the Author

Jebb Dykstra, CEO of Meetrix Communications, is an entrepreneur and IP/software lawyer, and has worked with a number of venture capital-backed companies. He currently teaches cyber security law and cloud computing law at the University of Denver as an adjunct professor.

Jim Lippard is a senior product manager for security products at EarthLink IT Services. Lippard also has held security operations and architecture leadership positions at Primenet, GlobalCenter, Frontier and Global Crossing, and did R&D work at Genuity.