Enterprise Hosting & The Channel: State of The Market 2012

Growth in data volumes, consumerization of IT, virtualization and mobility are transforming business IT and putting new demands on the enterprise data center in terms of security and scalability, as two examples. Enterprises are finding that meeting those demands can require more specialized facilities and/or expertise than they have in-house. Third-party data center solutions span a continuum of colocation, hosting, managed services and cloud — each bringing their own value. Fortunately, businesses don't have to choose between them, but need to understand where each best fits. As trusted advisers, channel partners must be able to guide those decisions and make recommendations to meet customer needs today with a clear road map for the future. This "State of the Market" report reveals:

  • Channel partners' current and projected revenue from enterprise-class hosting
  • Channel partners' shifting share of sales across hosting types
  • Channel partners' preferences for enterprise hosting partner programs