Cablecos & The Channel: State of the Market 2011

With four of the top five cable companies now courting the indirect sales channel, Channel Partners identified a need to quantify and qualify these competitors' value proposition as suppliers in the business telecommunications marketplace. To do so, Channel Partners fielded a survey in the summer of 2011 to ascertain channel partners’ interest in, adoption of and challenges with selling cableco telecommunications services to businesses. This study hopes to shed light on these issues and provide a framework for more successful partnerships moving forward.

This report will cover:

  • Cablecos Business Telecommunications Market Forecast
  • Cableco Channel Programs
  • Channel Attitudes About Cableco Business Telecom Services
  • Channel Comparisons of Cablecos vs. Telcos as Business Telecom Providers
  • Channel Adoption of Cableco Services
  • Channel Experiences with Cableco Channel Programs
  • Channel Comparisons of Cableco vs. Telco Partner Programs
  • Channel Expectations for Cableco Partner Programs