Verizon: ‘No Plans’ to Launch Another App Store Because It’s ‘Been There, Done That’
August 22, 2014 - News

Don’t believe everything you read.

This week, industry site The Information reported that Verizon, the largest wireless operator in the United States, intends to open its own mobile apps store.

But a Verizon spokeswoman flatly denied the rumors.

"We have no plans to do that," Debra Lewis told Reuters. "Been there. Done that."

Indeed, Verizon had an app store but it shut it down last year. Apparently, competition from Google Play and the Apple App Store was too intense. To that point, Apple says its App Store sold $10 billion worth of product in 2013. Google doesn’t release revenue numbers for Google Play; unlike Apple, Google does share its app revenue with carriers and device makers. Apple doesn’t share any of its app sales.

At any rate, if Verizon were to launch another apps marketplace, it would have to ensure buy-in from handset and tablet manufacturers. The likelihood of that happening looks low, as Google and Apple dominate the mobile apps sector and Verizon could just develop apps to offer through one or both stores.

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