tw telecom Expands in Bay Area, Nashville
By Kimberly Koerth
May 06, 2014 - News

tw telecom is expanding its fiber optic network in Nashville and its market capabilities in the California Bay Area.

The Nashville expansion adds new fiber to extend the company's network footprint from the city's central business district to the west side of the Nashville International Airport. The California expansion increases density from San Francisco into the communities of the East Bay and South Bay.

"The explosion of growth in the Bay Area tech economy, the renaissance occurring in commercial office parks in the South Bay, as well as increased customer demand for our network services is fueling this expansion," said Dave Ellebrecht, vice president and general manager, tw telecom. "The power, resiliency and security of the tw telecom network resonates with our existing Bay Area customer base. This expansion will enable us to broadly deploy services to meet the growing need for high-bandwidth networking solutions."

Both expansions are part of a national multimarket effort by the company to expand its metro fiber footprint across the country. As part of this effort, tw telecom plans to enter into five new high-demand markets – Boston, Cleveland, Philadelphia, Richmond and Salt Lake City – and accelerate the density of its metro-fiber footprint in more than a third of its existing markets.

"We are excited for this investment in Middle Tennessee and what it can do to help us to reach more customers with our industry leading customer service and Intelligent Network products," said Steve Yazell, vice president and general manager, tw telecom Nashville. "tw telecom is committed to the success of Middle Tennessee and looks forward to growing along with it."

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