Talari Rolls Out Operating Software Update
By Craig Galbraith
May 02, 2014 - News

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Business-continuity solutions provider Talari Networks has unveiled the latest version of APN (Adaptive Private Networking) – the operating software that supports its wide-area network (WAN) solutions.

Talari says APN 4.0 can now support 256 sites (up from 128) with a single instance of the Talari solution.

“The introduction of APN 4.0 represents a strategic move for us to expand up market as we continue to grow and attract larger enterprises that recognize the quality and cost saving benefits of using Talari’s APN-driven WAN technology and network performance management software," said Talari CMO Kevin Gavin.

Talari’s WAN solution builds a detailed map of all paths through the WAN including a real-time understanding of packet loss, latency and jitter on each path. The APN solution is then designed to use this information to direct WAN traffic down the optimal path based on network conditions and organization policies.

APN 4.0 is available today and accessible as a free upgrade for existing customers and APN Aware network performance management software is sold as an optional add-on product. 

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