Integra Standardizes Ethernet Access Across Network
March 05, 2014 - News

Integra said on Wednesday it has upgraded its network throughout its footprint to deliver Carrier Ethernet connectivity over one architecture, eliminating single points of failure.

That means there's standardized Ethernet access delivery from the carrier to the customer.

"This puts Integra in a position to deliver Ethernet services with complete consistency across all aspects of network performance, scalability and reliability regardless of underlying access technology," Michael Kozlowski, Integra's vice president of product management, said in a press release.

The approach further means that Ethernet services are delivered in the way that best suits each customer. In other words, clients with direct access to Integra's fiber networks will connect via fiber; others will use Ethernet over copper, and legacy T1 customers can migrate to EoTDM or to a partner's Ethernet NNI. Integra added that the standardized network design across all markets results in reduced turn-up times for new services.

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