How Smart Will Smartphones Get? 'Smarter Than You'
By Daniel Santa Cruz
November 13, 2013 - News

A new report by Gartner says that in 2017, your smartphone will be smarter than you.

Smartphones will soon be able to predict the consumer's next move based on that person's data which was gathered via cognizant computing — also known as the next step in personal cloud computing.

"Mobile phones have turned into smarthphones thanks to two things: technology and apps," said Carolina Milanesi, research vice president at Gartner. "Technology has added features such as cameras, locations and sensors, while apps have connected those to an array of functions that, for the most part, add and improve our day to day life from a social, knowledge, entertainment and productivity point of view."

Services will begin to be performed automatically, starting off with those that will help the consumer with menial tasks such as scheduling, sending birthday messages or responding to email. Eventually, the system will gain enough confidence to do more complex tasks. Consumers should expect to become accustomed to allowing for a greater array of apps and services to take control of other aspects of their lives.

Come 2017,  smartphones will outsmart people because the cloud and data stored in the cloud will provide devices with the ability to make sense of the information they have in order to appear smart.

"Phones will become our secret digital agent, but only if we are willing to provide the information they require," said Milanesi.   

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