New CompTIA Certification Addresses Mobile App Development Security
October 15, 2013 - News

CompTIA has introduced a new skills certification designed to raise security awareness and preparedness in the mobile app development universe.

CompTIA Mobile App Security+ is a vendor-neutral certification that validates the skills required to securely create a mobile application while also ensuring secure network communications and back-end Web services. The certification exam is available for native Android and iOS mobile applications.

According to CompTIA, the certification is best suited for individuals with at least 24 months of application development experience. Areas covered in the exam include principles of secure application development, security models of Android and iOS devices, common threats to mobile app security, Web service security models and vulnerabilities, secure coding techniques, common implementations of cryptography and encryption for storage and communications.

“Mobile apps numbering in the millions are downloaded daily on smart phones, tablets and other mobile devices," said Terry Erdle, executive vice president, skills certification, CompTIA. “But too often, in the dizzying race to bring new apps to market quickly, security considerations are an afterthought. With these new certifications we aim to bring the security focus back to where it belongs — in the starting blocks of mobile app development."

Complete exam objectives for CompTIA Mobile App Security+ are available on the CompTIA Certification website.

Courseware for CompTIA Mobile App Security+ is available through Logical Operations. Their Mobile App Security courses cover mobile app security from the perspective of the software developer. Students learn secure programming practices for mobile app development, as well as specific security threats and countermeasures. Students implement countermeasures within actual apps using native software development tools.

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