Nitel Rolls Out One-of-A-Kind Bonus


CLOUD PARTNERS — Nitel (a Cloud Partners sponsor) is rolling out a one-of-a-kind bonus program for new and existing agents.

Through the end of the year, Nitel agents will receive a 1xMRR bonus on sales of MPLS or dedicated Internet services, on both local access and ports. Nitel said it also will offer the same bonus for both on-net and off-net services.

Nitel said its recent expansion allows it to deliver on-net services to more than 99,000 fiber-connected, non-RBOC buildings. As a result, the company said it can offer aggressive pricing on its on-net services.

“But where a client’s needs dictate a solution that goes off-net, we believe that an agent should benefit just the same," said Rick Stern, CEO of Nitel.

Nitel said it plans to deploy more interconnection points and lit buildings over the coming year.  

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