Windstream Adds McAfee Security Solution to Lineup
By Craig Galbraith
January 17, 2013 - News

McAfee's integrated security solution – Endpoint Protection – is now included within Windstream's small business bundles or as a standalone solution for small-to-medium-sized customers.

Windstream says the Endpoint Security Protection eliminates the need for multiple security products, giving small businesses a single solution to detect and blocks viruses, spyware, spam, phishing attempts and hacker attacks. Endpoint filters and quarantines threats carried by email in the cloud, before they have a chance to reach a customer's network.
Windstream wants to help small business owners and operators protect their critical data with a solution that is comprehensive, automatic, easy to use and affordable. The company's Small Business bundles will now include Endpoint Security Protection to give small businesses value and peace of mind that comes from around-the-clock protection for PCs and laptops.
“Businesses today face security threats that continuously increase in frequency and sophistication, so it is essential to implement thorough desktop security solutions," said Don Perkins, senior vice president of business marketing for Windstream. “Endpoint Security Protection provides our small and medium-sized business customers with all-around protection, reducing the need for additional security management software, hardware, support and even dedicated IT staff."
Windstream says a cloud-based management portal allows customers to deploy Endpoint Security Protection more quickly and less expensively. Customers have the ability to customize protection by blocking websites and emails that are potentially dangerous or cause employees to be less productive. Automatic updates and upgrades ensure that security is always running and up-to-date.

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