DISH Downplays Sprint as Potential Wireless Partner

By Craig Galbraith Comments

Less than a month after reports that an agreement between the two companies was "imminent," DISH Network and Sprint might not become wireless partners at all.

It was anticipated that a deal between Sprint and DISH would culminate in the creation of a DISH-branded mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) that uses the satellite company's AWS-4 spectrum to further build out the carrier's LTE network.

But in an interview with the Denver Business Journal, DISH CEO Joseph Clayton downplayed Sprint as a potential partner.

"We need a partner, that much we know; who, it is remains to be seen. It could be one of the big incumbents. AT&T needs spectrum. Verizon [Wireless] is in pretty good shape now with its cable spectrum. T-Mobile and MetroPCS still need additional spectrum. Sprint, maybe not so ...  I could see a half-dozen different options that could play out," Clayton told the DBJ.

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