AT&T's Staggering Smartphone Sales Due to 'Range of Good Devices'

By Craig Galbraith Comments

**Editor's Note: Click here for our list of November's hottest selling smartphones to see which handsets reigned at AT&T and the other major U.S. carriers.**

One key to AT&T's pending record quarter for smartphone sales could be its diversity of offerings.

America's second largest wireless carrier said this week that it's on pace to shatter its best quarter ever, recording 6.4 million smartphones sold in October and November, with December numbers still to come. The carrier revised its expectations for 2012 from 25 million in sales to 26 million.

"With the improvement of mobile network coverage and mobile broadband speed across the U.S., the smartphone is becoming the Internet and entertainment device of choice for many people," noted Yankee Group senior analyst Boris Metodiev, commenting on a CNET article. " ... Another thing that positively affects AT&T’s smartphone sales is the range of good devices that it offers. The record-breaking Apple iPhone 5, LG’s Optimus G, Samsung’s Galaxy Note II and Nokia’s Lumia 920 are all good quality smartphones released in the last few months. All can satisfy anyone’s taste ... "

In its November report, Yankee Group said it expects sales of smartphones to far surpass any other electronics device this holiday season. It's just part of a trend that will see global sales rise from 828 million in 2012 to nearly 1.5 billion in 2016 (see graphic), the company said.

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