Apple Cuts iPhone 5 Parts Orders, But Doesn't Mean 'The World Is Ending'

By Craig Galbraith Comments

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Forget the Mayan calendar — some worry that Apple's reduction in orders for iPhone 5 components is a sign of the apocalypse. Not so, says one industry insider.

Is a supposed cut in iPhone 5 parts orders a concern for Apple's future?In a new investor note, Mark Moskowitz, an analyst with J.P. Morgan, says fears about Apple's long-term future are exaggerated. Some analysts have expressed concern that a reported 20 percent slashing of iPhone 5 parts orders for next quarter is worth some nail-biting. And who could blame them? The Silicon Valley giant's stock price has fallen from $700 in mid-September to roughly $520 in just three months' time. Apple is almost starting to look like it's being run by humans rather than futuristic computers.

"[D]ownshifting from 'white hot' order activity does not mean the world is ending," Moskowitz wrote, according to CNET. The analyst didn't confirm the production cuts, but believes if they are happening, it could be due to improvements in the supply chain. He further called the cuts "explainable but not alarming."

Either way, it might not be long before Apple ramps up parts orders for a new smartphone. Despite just unveiling the iPhone 5 and a pair of new iPads this fall, some are predicting an announcement about a new device – likely dubbed the iPhone 5S – as soon as June 2013.

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