One Source Networks' Cloud 2.0 Gives Customers Access Anytime, Anywhere
October 19, 2012 - News

One Source Networks launched its Cloud 2.0 infrastructure to integrate more than 200 of the world's networks into a single network solution.

The Cloud 2.0, available on a global basis, connects customers into the cloud via public or private access options, such as wireless, fiber or Ethernet, according to the company. Costumers also have access to multiple cloud-based applications, all via one interface.

One Source Networks works with each customer to identify the optimal network technology per corporate location and the best methods of access.

"Today's enterprise environment is a diverse mix of technologies, access requirements, and geographically disparate end users," said Ernest Cunningham, One Source Networks CEO. "Cloud 2.0 enables enterprises to virtually expand their WAN, ensuring they have access to the resources, tools and mission-critical applications they require, regardless of location or device ..."

The Cloud 2.0 optimizes application performance via defined and guaranteed QoS across all networks.

Dan Tyler, One Source Networks CTO, said the Cloud 2.0 builds on the company's commitment to "make the complex simple."

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