Level 3 Takes Managed Security Global


Level 3 Communications Inc. on Monday launched new global managed security services, which are available through the channel.

The security portfolio is combined with Level's 3 network and professional services.

"It combines a number of layers of increasingly sophisticated protection from the ground up, beginning with the way our network was designed and constructed in the ground, with diverse routes and other structural protection," said Anthony Christie, Level 3’s chief marketing officer. "Additionally, our integrated CDN and network infrastructure, firewalls and capabilities are combined with redundant layers of advanced, proprietary protocols and algorithms that extend to the cloud."

The company aims to help business customers ensure operational continuity, cut administrative complexity and, overall, protect revenue. To do this, Level 3 included new functions such as botnet scanning and digital threat identity.

“We believe we have access to more security threat data than anyone in the industry, enabling us to identify and address threats before they attack a customer’s network," said Dale Drew, Level 3’s senior vice president and chief security officer. “Managing cyber security in today’s network environment requires broad visibility and the analysis of very large volumes of information."

The new managed security portfolio gives customers a range of services including vulnerability scanning, DDoS blocking and cleansing, and around-the-clock access to Level 3 security experts.

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