Apple iPhone's Siri 'Efficient at Finding Brothels'


The Chinese version of the Apple iPhone's "Siri" feature can no longer help users find prostitutes after the voice-activated assistant caused a storm of controversy in China.

Apple recently deactivated part of the feature when users found that they could get several listings for nearby bars or clubs by asking "Where can I find hookers?" or "Where can I find escorts?" according to Chinadaily.

But on Monday, Siri responded to these questions by saying "I couldn't find any escort services," Chinadaily said in an article. A member of the Apple customer service staff further explained that the company blocked information related to escorts after receiving reports from users.

Close to 9 million users of Sina Weibo, the Chinese version of Twitter, stated their opinions Monday on the Siri issue. Prostitution is banned in China, but many users claimed that the iPhone feature was "efficient at finding brothels."

Although Chinese police said they have not verified whether the locations listed by Siri led to actual prostitution services, research conduced by the Xinhua news agency reveals that some of the locations did provide such services.

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