EarthLink Business Lands Major Health-Care Customer
September 12, 2012 - News
CHANNEL PARTNERS — EarthLink Business (Booth #515) has landed a major customer in Alliance Healthcare Solutions, thanks to channel partner Network Design & Systems Integration (NDSI).

Alliance is a SaaS company that provides electronic medical records and practice management software to clients throughout the United States. Alliance chose EarthLink Business' Application eXchange program to deliver data center services, private cloud virtualization and private MPLS access to SaaS platform.

NDSI introduced Alliance to EarthLink. Then, NDSI and EarthLink worked together to develop a platform that gives Alliance the management services and scalability it needs.

“It is exciting to see the partner channel embrace the EarthLink Business IT services strategy," said J.R. Cook, vice president of channel partners for EarthLink Business. "Our approach allowed ... NDSI to focus on what they do best: identifying potential customers. EarthLink was then able to engage our IT services consultants to work directly with Alliance to design a solution that fit their specific needs. We believe the EarthLink approach to IT services prepares our partners to identify IT services opportunities with the knowledge that our IT specialists are there to support them."

Alliance said it chose EarthLink because the provider operates data centers in many Alliance markets. That proximity cuts down on latency issues. Alliance said it also liked EarthLink's expertise in VMWare virtualization and storage technology. EarthLink's AX program further ensures HIPAA compliance, which is key for customers such as Alliance.

"Out of the gate, we look forward to EarthLink monitoring our firewalls, as it will enable Alliance’s strong technical team to focus internal resources on IT projects that make an impact on our client’s experience with us, such as customer automation," said Steve Petty, partner at  Alliance. “Using EarthLink’s MPLS network also will drive down costs for the Alliance end-user and greatly improve their connectivity experience."

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