HCS Taps Level 3's Network to Extend SLAs For the 'Last Mile'


Hughes Cloud Services (HCS) is working with Level 3 Communications to extend service level agreements (SLAs) for the "last mile" to its clients' desktops. The partnership is designed to ensure excellent end-to-end performance of the company's cloud services portfolio.

The announcement was made at the VMWorld event today in San Francisco.

Businesses of any size will benefit from enhanced cloud performance, improved user experience and inherent redundancy, and reduced costs from eliminating the need for long-haul private lines, the companies said. These new SLAs will be enabled via Level 3's global, secure and redundant (MPLS) backbone network.

Through this offering, HCS says it will provide significant cost savings for its customers, removing the need to run private-line, long-haul connectivity to access their secure and reliable private cloud. Businesses are said to benefit from enhanced cloud performance and user experience as well as inherent redundancy.

"With the increasing demand for cloud-based solutions for mission-critical applications, and the need to move large amounts of data safely and reliably, enterprises require not only the flexibility of cloud solutions, but also the peace of mind of knowing that hosting services will perform when needed most," said Andrew Crouch, Level 3's regional president of North America Sales. "Level 3's hardened, secure IP network delivers the efficiency, security and reliability needed to support customers' requirements and the safekeeping of their sensitive data and applications."

HCS will use enhanced network monitoring services and technologies from Level 3, enabling it to monitor the status and health of the network. HCS will make this data accessible to its clients via the HCS customer portal. HCS also will provide support for network services from its mirrored network operations centers, simplifying network management for customers. HCS will be able to validate exactly where there might be a network issue between a client's offices and the HCS cloud, removing uncertainty and providing a single escalation point for support.

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