SMBs 'Ignoring' Tech That's Too Complex, Survey Shows
By Khali Henderson
July 18, 2012 - News

Sixty-one percent of small and medium businesses responding to a new Techaisle survey said they are ignoring some technologies even if they may be relevant for their businesses.

The research showed that that SMBs find cloud computing, virtualization, business intelligence, remote managed services and marketing automation among the top five technologies most complex to understand. 

No doubt due to this complexity, more than half (54 percent) of SMBs said their technology pain points have increased in the last three years and more than one third (39 percent) said they had surpassed business pain points.

Not surprisingly, nearly three fourths (72 percent) said IT vendors should simplify technology. A chief complaint is the time it takes to evaluate the many technology options and vendors. To sort through the available options SMBs are relying on Internet research, focused advice from IT consultants, resellers, channel partners and increasingly through direct contact with IT vendors.  Techaisle said SMBs are looking for unbiased advice on technology that is easy to understand and simple to adopt.

And, for the record, they are tired of all the marketing buzzwords. Here are the top five adjectives IT vendors should ban:  “out-of-the-box," “next-generation," “best-in-class," “mission-critical" and “solution-driven."

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